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It is hard to think of getting a car from another manufacturing company because Nigerians have realized that when it comes to automobiles, Innoson Vehicles has set a golden standard with quality and reliability you could practically trust.  For close to a decade, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has provided the domestic market in Nigeria a car that is efficient, practical, economical, adorable looking and of course a whole lot of fun to drive. As the first indigenous vehicle manufacturing company in Africa, Innoson Vehicles have been leading the way and climbing the chart not just in Nigeria alone but in Africa simultaneously.

Nigerians go all out for safety first because as vehicles become more and more advanced, the question of safety is becoming increasingly common and here at Innoson Vehicles we take issues of safety very serious which makes our vehicles avoid vehicular collision. Below are some of the reasons why people go all out to purchase an Innoson car.




  1. Economy

Innoson Vehicles comes with a continuously variable valve lift mechanism designed for low fuel consumption. The Engine has the capacity to produce high output, but at low fuel consumption and low exhaust emission which is important to environmentally conscious auto buyers, meaning maintenance and repairs are very affordable. This results in great value for our consumers with an attendant benefit of reduction in the cost of maintenance. These facts are hugely appealing.

  1. Safety

In 2016, National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported that 30,105 persons were injured in Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs). The report also revealed that speed violation was the major cause of the accidents. At Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM), we have world standard vehicles speed test equipment as well as driver assistance and collision avoidance technology that guarantee drivers safety.

It is also important know that forward collision warning systems and automatic emergency braking systems are integral component of Innoson vehicles.

  1. Suits Africa’s Geography

Some roads in Africa come with dangerous topology and potholes and these reduce the lifespan of vehicles and increase the cost of maintenance of vehicles. An Innoson vehicle isn’t just extraordinarily strong, but so strong that it can withstand the most rugged, rock-strewn roads. It suits such a wide range of demographics within the country’s population, that sales have remained very strong for some years now.

  1. Reliability

Because of the nature of some roads, reliability and durability of vehicles are some of the most common reasons why people purchase cars. Research has shown that satisfied auto consumers stick to brands that suit their tastes and preference.

Innoson Vehicles does an excellent job in manufacturing a mechanically sound vehicle in that we have very few recalls or reported problems.

When you have a car with a good engine, good electrical components and powerful advanced heavy systems or features, breakdowns are typically rarer. And when things do go wrong, the cost for repairing them is significantly lower.

  1. Price/Payment

The grand total price for a car is = cost of purchase + cost of maintenance. Most people have a budget, and that budget dictates what can be spent on a new car. In most cases, price is not always the problem once the issue of quality has been resolved.  We have partnered with Sterling bank and Diamond Bank to enable Nigerians own a car with ease. Through our IVM auto finance scheme, Nigerians can now own a car, drive home and pay in installment over a period of 36 months. And these cars come also with a warranty that covers the period of your loan repayment.

  1. Value

Even though Innoson Vehicles are less expensive, that doesn’t mean that they are cut-rate vehicles. Innoson Vehicles designers squeeze every ounce of value they can into our cars, using quality upholstery and interior materials, adding on features and options usually found in more expensive vehicles, and ensuring that the car is topnotch in terms of reliability. The end result is a vehicle that offers drivers much for a very competitive price.


  1. Simplicity

In an era where many vehicle dashboards are beginning to look like the control panels for stealth bombers, Innoson Vehicles keeps it simple. That’s not to say that we are bereft of tech ideas; our vehicle has many great electronic safety and entertainment features. But they are user friendly both to the drivers and passengers.


  1. Parts are readily available

Maintaining your Innoson Vehicle is simple, thanks to the high availability of parts and trained mechanics familiar with the brand. Because these vehicles are so popular, on Nigerian roads in particular, you have the assurance that parts will continue to be easily available, even 15 years from now. This is an important perk, as the fantastic durability is best combined with loving maintenance and care.

Are you thinking about getting an Innoson Vehicle? Then hurry.

To Purchase Innoson IVM cars and make further enquiries

To Purchase Innoson Vehicles and make further enquiries; Visit www.innosonvehicles.com or contact us via sales@innosonvehicless.com or call- 08037222939, 08122202053, 08054459560,

Innoson Vehicles……The Pride of African Roads




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